The patriarch Romualdo founded the company in 1858 as a craftsman’s manufacturing workshop specialized in making ivory ball for billiard.

During the years the firm moved in different places but always in the city of Turin loyal to the family‘s feeling of being a part of this city and recognising in it its identity. From the first location in Piazza Castello, the very heart of Turin, to Borgo Vanchiglia, center of the artistic and commercial creativity of the city, through Via Gioberti in the elegant Crocetta district, not far from the train station Porta Nuova.
The company has now its plant in Borgo San Paolo Polo Nord district, historical seat of many enterprises but also seat of a vivid social and cultural life that make this little village a "city in the city".

Since the beginning of the last century, the Company, lead from father to son for four generations, varied its production leaving gradually ivory manufacturing in favour of metals and of other production connected to a very flourishing sector in the city: the chocolate production and similar.

And thus, the patriarch Ferrero Romualdo changes his firm, reinventing work and production, always preserving his style and his fingerprint that represent the real "Turin" spirit and values; a sort of a sober and nostalgic nobilty.

After decades of experience, all these values are still vivid and present in the actual specialistic production of different shape moulds for modeling chocolate and machinery (all patented) for processing and wrapping chocolate. The best example is the Macchina Tagliacremini Ferrero Romualdo (a machine that cuts a big chocolate bar into small square sweeties).

A reference point for all the most prestigious and historical confectionery and chocolatiers of Turin and over time wolrdwide. Actually Ferrero Romualdo chocolate processing machines are present in every continent bringing a piece of the best Turin in such distant places

Other activities were, and still are, supply of mechanical equipment and component in automotive, rail, cinematographic, telecommunications, domestic and industrial heating field.