The “Tagliacremini” machine Ferrero Romualdo 1858

It’s not "small is beautiful" but simple and essential is genius; like the "Tagliacremini" machine Ferrero Romualdo 1858.
"Machine for cutting into strips, bars, etc… a doughy material as chocolate, comfit etc…" this was the meticulous description deposited to obtain the industrial property patent and registered at the Turin Prefecture on the 13th of June 1924. Still today, the same diligence, the same care and, let’s say, the same “love”, is applied in assembling this machine, as it has been for the last hundred years. Not without reason,the "Tagliacremini" (also defined as Cremini cutter) represents the symbol and the crown jewel of the Ferrero Romualdo 1858 Factory. Every "Tagliacremini" machine is proudly fabricated with ancient obsolete techniques, still known by very few artisans loyal to old manner working practices. All this still takes place in the Ferrero Romualdo premises where Giancarlo, great-grandson of the founder, carries on the production and, let’s say, his forefather’s dreams.

Many are the qualities of this machine that can be summarised in three essential ones: strength, speed and accuracy. Observing it, you may be struck at once by its overstaffed structure; this is to guarantee robustness and durability but also the necessary stability fundamental for the correct cut procedure. High quality materials are employed: stainless steel (even tempered/hardened as for the cutting blades), aluminum, brass and bronze alloys. And eventually very few other components selected among handpicked suppliers.

Peculiar feature of the Tagliacremini is its easy and natural maneuverability. The cutting cycles are completed quickly with no penalization in precision. The machine is completely manual and the absence of engine and other automatism guarantee a sensitivity during the use of it, very appreciated by the operator because fundamental for the whole cutting processing. But the very trick for obtaining a precise and accurate cut of the product is exclusively bound to our particular hardened steel blames, hand sharpened several times. Their interchangeability isn’t a detriment to their strength and stability ensuring perfect cuts without deburring. Thanks to all this qualities Ferrero Romualdo Company guarantees a finished cutted product accurate to 1/10 millimetre.

The last but not the least, the final appearance of the product, fundamental and crucial to success: excellent! Both for traditional multi-layered cremini and for sprinkles chocolate brick, and for hazelnut-chocolate and for wafers.
In short, Ferrero Romualdo 1858: genius and sweet rule!