The restoration of the old "Tagliacremini" machines.

Due to our affection to our handcrafted production, every Tagliacremini cutting machine ever built, both newly produced or dated back to last century, is a sort of “son” representing us in every hidden corner of the world. And our wish is that every single machine can operate at its best as only "1858 Ferrero Romualdo Tagliacremini" can do. This is why we take care also of their restoration and maintenance.

A lot of "d'antan" Tagliacremini machines come from lots of dismissed machines of chocolate factories no more in activity. Many faithful customers wishing to continue to use these ancient machines, need to optimize and replace used parts, or simply need to update functionalities. Anyway, if possibile, we suggest to make conservative restoration as much as possible in order not to misrepresent, but rather to preserve, the historical authenticity of these manufactured articles considered as objects of worship.

Actually there are two different types of restoration or, let’s say, attitude of restoration: wholly restoration or conservative restoration.

Wholly restoration aim is the total aesthetic restitution of the machine through a reconditioning “as new”. A reconditioned "Tagliacremini machine" will appear perfectly sanded, spackled and repainted, with new nickel and chromium plating and, where necessary, rebuilt with new components.

Anyway, particularly in recent time, prevails definitely the conservative restoration philosophy aimed at the historic conservation of the machine. The repainting of the machine is avoided in favour of a deep cleaning both of the chassis and of every single component. No parts replacements are made since the key objective is the preservation of the layers of the day-to-day past activity. Can we say that a “pre-war” (or even a bit younger…) Tagliacremini with its original components, cleaned out and assembled such as they were originally, has got a special intrinsic value?

This is why we say to these customers: please contact us! We can remedy every problems while maintaining the originality of the machine.